[WRITING TASK 2] Nowadays, more and more people decide to have children later in their life. What are the reasons? What are the effects on society and family life? 

An increasing number of individuals these days decide to delay childbirth. This is primarily  because they want to devote more time to their career and personal life, and I believe  this trend results in a more developed society and happier family life overall.

Those who decide to have children later in life normally point out a desire to prioritize their career and personal life. For one, those who are at the early stages of their career often struggle to support themselves and their family. Individuals in entry-level positions may have to undertake extra tasks, work overtime, while also receiving low pay. Once they start a family, they are likely to under undue strain as they need to incur various  expenses relating to day care, baby supplies, and their children’s school fees later on. Similarly, young parents also may find it hard to enjoy their personal life. For example, the burden of taking care of an infant may prevent a young couple from travelling,  moving to a better city, or switching careers. Therefore, it is reasonable for young people  to postpone parenthood.

Having children later is positive overall for society and family life. Regarding society,  parents with financial flexibility can better provide for their children. For instance, these  children are likely to possess greater chances of attending quality schools and learning  extracurriculars such as how to play a musical instrument or speak a foreign language. As a result, these children are considerably more likely to be better educated and more well  rounded individuals, potentially improving the quality of the future workforce. Delayed  childbirth also can result in happier family life. Parents who are firmly established in their  careers are likely to devote more time to caring for their children without worrying about  financial decisions or having regular quarrels about money matters with their significant  other.

In conclusion, the reasons why individuals delay childbirth are mainly occupational and  personal, and I believe this shift is a positive development due to the beneficial impact on  society and family life. This trend is already prevalent in many wealthy nations, and should  now be encouraged in less developed countries as well.

(355 words, band 8, written by Jay Nguyen IELTS)


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