[WRITING TASK 2] Many students find it difficult to concentrate or pay attention at school. What are the reasons? What could be done to solve this problem? (Vietnam, 2021.04.10)

In today’s world, many students have trouble staying focused at school. There are several reasons why this is the case, and measures should be taken soon to address this issue.

The fact that many students have difficulty paying attention at school can be attributed to two main reasons related to technology and the content of lessons. The first one relates to the use of smartphones as some cannot resist the temptation to use their phones during lessons. To illustrate, many students use their phones to check social media sites such as their Facebook newsfeed or watch video clips on TikTok while their teachers are delivering the lecture. These students are obviously distracted and therefore cannot concentrate fully on the lesson. Another major reason is that, in some cases, the way the lesson is taught is not effective, to the point of boring students at times. This typically happens when certain teachers have not kept current with advances in pedagogical methodologies, leading to a lack of engagement from students that hinders their academic progress.

However, there are a number of steps that could be taken to help students focus more at school. One effective measure would be for schools to impose an official ban on smartphones in class, and those who violate this rule should be punished more strictly. This would deter using smartphones during lessons, and students’ concentration would improve as a result. Another solution that should be adopted is to require teachers to prepare more engaging lessons. This could be done by having more workshops or training courses that educate teachers on how to use visual aids or interactive activities in class. For example, history lessons would be more fun and effective if teachers showed more pictures or videos about historical events and figures, and students were encouraged to ask questions and challenge historical narratives.

In conclusion, many students these days fail to focus fully on their lessons due largely to smart devices and the teaching methods of some teachers. To mitigate this issue, schools should prohibit the use of smartphones in class and help teachers prepare better lessons.

(350 words, written by Jay Nguyen IELTS)